best Whatsapp Status in English| English Status| 2020

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best Whatsapp Status in English


best Whatsapp Status in English
 If you want to be unique then get out of fake people.

 I am here not to listen to your shit.

Don’t try to be smart in front of fools.

best Whatsapp Status in English

I am glad to be insulted, such things give me strength.

Try to walk single rather than in crowd to prove yourself.
You left me today , I will be loved by millions tomorrow.
best Whatsapp Status in English


Thanks for leaving me if you did not do this i would have never been here.

If you think you are the only one then ask the soil where are the legends now a days.

Go to hell I am here not to please you.


I want to be hard so that tomorrow will be soft.

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