20+ Best whatsapp status | Status

Here are the Best Whatsapp status in English and amazing status in English. Here are best 20+ whatsapp status in english


Best Whatsapp status in English


Best Whatsapp status in English

Whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing you will receive soon. 

Smart ones don’t reply by their tongue,they reply by their thrilling actions.

 Person who got the habit of ‘only me’ never got themedicines as well as the blessings.

Belief is your strength ,you can achieve everything whatever you desire by believing in yourself.

What you think you become.
Let others make fun of you ,it gives you strength every time.
If you think you are perfect ,then you need more struggle coz  no one is perfect here.
People with rich mindset never follow money.
 Never underestimate someone by their face at the present such people are creating history.
Try to be unique rather than  the best.

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