50+ Embarrassing dares for WhatsApp To Ask Your Friends

50+ Embarrassing dares for WhatsApp to ask your friends. And you can share these dares question to have fun.

If you are playing any game like truth and dares then you can use these dares questions because these are the best dares and Embarrassing dares for WhatsApp questions to ask your friends to have fun. They are embarrassing dares to have fun.

Embarrassing dares for WhatsApp


50+ Embarrassing Dares Questions For Whatsapp

Embarrassing dares for WhatsApp 2020

1. Ask your friend to lick the wall of the bathroom.

2. Ask your friend to put his ugly pic on WhatsApp status.

3. Ask your friend to write weird things and update on Whatsapp status.

4. Ask your friend to take her close face photo after waking up in the morning and update it on her WhatsApp status.

5. Ask your friend  I LOVE YOU to all her WhatsApp status.

6. Ask your friend to poke her finger in her nose and take a picture of it then share it on WhatsApp status.

7. Ask her to make mustache and beard using eyeliner then take a picture and put it on her Whatsapp status.


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Best Embarrassing dares

8. Wet your hair and apply 1 tablespoon oil on your hair.

9. Take red chili powder and brush your teeth using chili powder.

10. Instant slap who is sitting next to you.

11. Splash water on anyone else who is sleeping next to you.

12. Clean toilet by your daily using shampoo and click picture then post it on WhatsApp status.

13. Get your hair wet apply shampoo on it but not to rinse it off.

14. Take an egg and smash it on your face then send a picture on WhatsApp status.

15. Get a glass of water and spread the water on your head.

16. Just switch your mobile off and put your phone in almera.

17. Take turmeric powder and spread it who is sitting next to you.

Good dares for whatsapp

Embarrassing dares

18. Take a broom and swipe your face by it.

19. Take your slipper and put it on your head then click photo and post it on WhatsApp status.

20. Call your classmate and abuse him then cut the phone.

21. Ask her to write the dirtiest thing about her put it on WhatsApp status.

22. Ask your friend to make a single eyebrow by using eyeliner.

23. Message your best friend tell him he is a useless guy of the world,

24. Ask her to take a bath with the clothes which she is wearing at the time.

25. Ask her to twerk on dhinchak’s pooja song.

26. Go to your neighbor’s home and beg 10 rs to them.

27. Dance on sad songs.

Extreme Dares

Embarrassing dares


28. Take a mug of water and throw it on your neighbor’s wall.

29. Combine all your family members in the room and start talking in front of the mirror.

30. Put your face in the tank of flour then take a picture and upload it on WhatsApp status.

31 Slap on your face very hard so that your tears start flowing.

32. Wear your underwear on the pant so you look like superman.

33. Take an orange piece and dip it in your hot tea then eat it,

34. Take cold water and mix it in your hot tea then drink it.

35. Start crying louder in your colony.

36. Take a certain amount of fevicol and massage it on your face.

37. Wash your hair by detergent.

38. Take tomato ketchup spread it on your hair.

Embarrassing Dares

39. Roam in your home by your hands and legs in the air.

40. Color your teeth with different colors and take pictures of it then post it on WhatsApp status.

41. Wear left shoe in your right feet and right one in your left feet then roam all in your home.

42. Take a cup of tea and put it in the fridge for an hour then drink it.

43. Put your leg in the toilet seat and post it on your Whatsapp status.

44. Take the hand who is sitting next to you and put his or her palm in your underarms.

45. Ask your friend to wash her shoes by her toothbrush.

46. Tell your friend to post on WhatsApp status that ” I WAS ADOPTED”.

Best Dare question

47. Put peanut butter on your elbow and try to lick it.

48. Tell your friend to write “I CAN SEE MY HIPS CAN YOU” on Whatsapp status.

49. Start shouting loud on the roof that I am ASH**E.

50. Go to the bear shop and ask the shopkeeper for a detergent powder. 

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