Great Positive quotes during Coronavirus and Quarantine 2020

Some Inspirational positive quotes during Coronavirus by which you will be positive towards the Coronavirus and it will help you to be positive during Coronavirus.positive quotes during Coronavirus.


Positive quotes during Coronavirus


Positive quotes during Coronavirus Stay Home Stay Safe


“Stay safe at your home only you are the one who can save your loved ones”
“Do not get penic by Corona Virus it’s just a resistance of your life”.
“Be strong against Corona Virus and help others by staying at home”.
“If you want to survive further then be positive and don’t afraid of Corona Virus we have to fight against this”.
“Wear a mask and wash your hands 10 times a day to protect your family”.
“Quarantine yourself beacuse it is the best way to protect your loved ones”.
Positive quotes during Coronavirus Stay home quarantine
“I think COVID 19 you don’t want me to shop this year anymore”.
“COVID19 please be humble to all of us”.
“little thanks to you Corona virus because of you earth is healing itself”.
Quarantine status
“If you want a better tomorrow then you have to stay home until it
“COVID 19 is spreading all over the world so we have to endure ourself”.
“This is the time when we should come in front for our country and contribute”.
“What can you do in this time, protect yourself and try not to die”.
Quarantine Yourself

“Be hard stay strong and try not to take it as joke SIMPLE!
“China has done it’s task now it’s ypur task to take care of yourself”.
“These quarantine days will bring you a great tomorrow if you co-operate”.
“You are blessed by god that you are still alive”.
“Time to help the world by your precautions”.
“Stay positive and enjoy at your home to help your city”.
“The more we fight against coronavirus, The more we contribute to our world”.

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